My free book offer comes to a close and I’m left with the following insights:

Marketing a book is difficult, I guess that’s why there are professionals marketing their marketing skills to me.

I’ve managed to get around 140 ‘free’ purchases and/ or paperback orders this week. I’m pleased with that, but hopefully it snowballs.

It’s odd, I’ve never cared much for social media and certainly not for likes and shares, yet I’m left to that particular platform to help me reach people. Thanks to family and friends who have helped.  It seems I need more comments on Amazon. Hopefully that will happen in time, once people finish reading.

Also, my wife told me I needed to relax today and go fishing. Caught about 20 bass. Woo!

This post is about as jumbled as my head right now, but I’ll go ahead and post it anyway. Marketing is now my least favorite part of writing a book. Enjoy the read!


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