The Wonderful World of Marketing

First off, Thanks Emit Blackwell and Apocalypse Guys. I did back to back interviews about my novel Into Armageddon this week. Check them out here:

Emit Blackwell Show Listen here:

Apocalypse guys read here:

And as always, check out my apocalyptic science fiction novel ‘Into Armageddon’ read here:

What a crazy week. I’ve had to back off the #WolfPackAuthors initiatives (website building and recruitment), and I’ve said “Give me two weeks,” to a few folks interested in joining. We’ve joined forces with Indies United Publishing House and FauphTalk Fiction (See promoted sites page). Working on a few things that will streamline the promotion process. i.e. building a standard set of tweets, integrate automation. I’ve seen my followers grow to over 4,000 in two months. Oh… and I have another interview at my local library next week.

I feel as though I’m spread a little thin with work, but all good problems to have, so i’m not complaining. I have decided… blogging really isn’t my thing. I don’t like non-fiction – real life (the political spectrum and global issues in particular) is so dreary, whereas the little world in my head is a whole lot more exciting. This “Blog” going forward will be for promotional purposes and writing updates (at least i’ve got that figured out.) Guess i’ll just keep on, keepin’ on – writing, editing, marketing (but mostly writing, that’s the fun part.)

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