Author Interview Series: Sharon Lopez

E4E2529E-123E-4FE1-A510-928E5C3CCC0CJ: My next guest, Sharon Lopez, comes to us from Phoenix, Arizona. Her novel My Right to Choose is up for a Reader’s Choice Award in the religion category. Last day to vote is August 21st 2019. (pg. 16) Find it here: Tell us a little more about yourself. Aside from the possible award, what are you proud of as an author?

S: I joined an author’s group named WolfPackAuthors. I not only have a new outlet to learn and grow as an author, but also a great group of friends that have been an awesome support system through personal ups and downs. Together we put together a wonderful anthology titled Once Upon A WolfPack. The proceeds from it go to Lockwood Animal Rescue Center’s WOLVES AND WARRIORS program.

J: I noticed you have quite a large body of work. What’s your favorite genre to write, and how did you decide or were drawn to that particular genre?

S: I am a multi-genre YA author. The common theme is YA. I have always been drawn to that genre whether writing or reading. Maybe it is being so young or young at heart.

J: Staying young at heart is important. My kids tell me I’m a just a big kid, perhaps as an excuse to be lippy. Who’s your favorite author/ favorite book(s)?

S: Cassandra Clare is a favorite author of mine.

J: Oh boy… The Mortal Instruments series. And when did you begin your writing career?

S: I began writing plays and short stories when I was ten.

J: Quite a head start. What do you enjoy most about being an author?

S: For me, the telling of character’s stories is the best part of being an author.

J: Any words of wisdom? What practices have you found most beneficial being an author?

S: A quiet space to write as well as threats of withholding video game privileges to get said quiet are quite beneficial. The best editing tip I can give is hear your work. I use Dragon software to read my books to catch errors. Authors spend our time in alternate realities acting as multiple people. Can any of us say that we are truly sane?

J: Haha… nope. I’m surprised more authors aren’t schizophrenic. Tell us about your most recent work.

S: I recently finished two short stories. The Moon’s curse is a story I wrote for the next WolfPack Anthology. It is about a girl that goes on a search for her missing mother and finds an ancient curse. Embracing Vengeance is due out in October. It is a bit different from other things I have written. Darker. In it, a woman must make a tough choice when faced with whether or not to avenge her family.

J: Dark is good. Love the title. Tell us a little about you as a person.

S: I am a fairly mellow and down to earth person. I enjoy reading, horror movies, gaming (mostly RPGs), Anime (fav genre is slice of life), and I have vast musical tastes. I plan to continue writing until I run out of stories to tell. My goal is to someday visit my dream destination, London, England.

Thanks for spending some time with us. Visit Sharon on her website here:

Check out any one of any of her many novels!

The Problem with Emma

The World Inside Stephanie’s Head

The World Beyond Stephanie’s Head

Destiny’s Mark

Before the Mark

Alright, Well I Love You

Life Is Funny That Way

Sanguisuge Book 1

Sanguisuge Book 2

My Right to Choose

Emotions Behind the Chaos


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