Author Interview Series: Gary Simmons

G Simmons

J: Our next guest comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Gary Simmons. He’s an American Poet and has recently released his book Poetic Visions Beyond Expressions. I understand you’re also a musician, Gary?

G: That’s right. I write and record my own music.

J: Interesting… You know, I play a little bit of drums. Could you use a drummer?


J: Probably for the best… I’m not very good. So, tell us a little more about yourself as an author. What are you most proud of?

G: My biggest personal accomplishment is following up on my dream of getting my story out after years of writing as I enjoy doing, but taking the next steps to invest and publish my first book.

J: That’s a pretty big first step, congratulations. Any other projects in the works?

G: Already in the process of working on my next project, which is a bio of my life that goes even deeper to getting know me and why my life story is so special in its own way.

J: Very good… strike when the iron’s hot. Now, your first book was poetry. Do you intend to stick with that? And for that matter, what’s your favorite genre?

G: My favorite genre is Young Adult Poetry. I’ve began writing Poetry at 13 years old, just expressing my thoughts thru difficult times of my early life growing up.

J: Any favorite authors you’d like to share?

G: My favorite author is Maya Angelou & Why the Caged Birds Sing by her is my favorite book.

J: Any words of wisdom for the audience regarding getting your book out there and seen by an audience?

G: I enjoy the challenge of working hard sharing my book with others and connecting with others networking. The main thing I use to keep my book relevant is continuing to promote and putting the word out marketing online all I can. Coming with new ideas for my next book at the same time learning from marketing mistakes I made from the previous book.

J: Very cool. So, what does the future hold for you?

G: Writing poetry used to be my main hobby, but now I’ve been more into writing music over the past 10 years or so. Most of the poetry in my book was written in my early teen years. Then I focused more on writing/recording music. My upcoming book will be a bio of my life titled the Miracle Delivery, which goes deeper & darker with my life story overall.

J: Sounds like an interesting life, and an interesting book. Thanks for your time, Gary. That’s all the time we have, so don’t forget to connect with Gary on his links below.



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