The Order, a mysterious and powerful organization, has infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levels, bent on remaking humanity in its image. Deep in their underground genetics facility, they’ve created a new race of enhanced humans, among other deadly creations in their arsenal.

As an infant, Erica escaped the facility, but will she ever be able to escape her fate? In hiding for over 15 years, she’s been hunted. Her only wish, to live free and in peace.

Now the world has changed. A viral outbreak manufactured by The Order, human apex predators roam freely, humanity has bound together in pockets of resistance. The children of The Order have turned on their masters in a race for supremacy; spread out across the country, systematically taking over key military installations.

Though not entirely human, Erica may hold the key to humanity’s survival. Will she run, as she always has? Will she stand, one against many and risk losing all she holds dear – Her freedom, her family, her very existence?

Into Armageddon is the beginning of a dystopian post apocalyptic world that includes elements of Military Fiction, Science Fiction, hard science and genetic engineering, but reads like an action/ adventure and romance all wrapped up into one pulse pounding novel that you won’t want to put down. It’s the first book in the Ruler of Ashes series.


My free book offer comes to a close and I’m left with the following insights:

Marketing a book is difficult, I guess that’s why there are professionals marketing their marketing skills to me.

I’ve managed to get around 140 ‘free’ purchases and/ or paperback orders this week. I’m pleased with that, but hopefully it snowballs.

It’s odd, I’ve never cared much for social media and certainly not for likes and shares, yet I’m left to that particular platform to help me reach people. Thanks to family and friends who have helped.  It seems I need more comments on Amazon. Hopefully that will happen in time, once people finish reading.

Also, my wife told me I needed to relax today and go fishing. Caught about 20 bass. Woo!

This post is about as jumbled as my head right now, but I’ll go ahead and post it anyway. Marketing is now my least favorite part of writing a book. Enjoy the read!



Hi all,

As promised, here’s the link to my newly published book.

The product of unchecked genetic manipulation, Erica may hold the key to humanity’s survival. Born in an underground genetics facility, along with ten other children of The Order, a pseudo-Christian terrorist group, she’s been hunted. On the run for over fifteen years, her only wish is to live free and in peace.

Now, the world has changed. Human apex predators – Hunters, roam freely; humanity has bound together in pockets of resistance. The children of The Order have turned on their masters in a race for supremacy; spread out across the country, systematically taking over key military installations. They are unchallenged but for one… Erica. Will she run, as she always has or risk losing all she holds dear – her freedom, her family, her very existence?

Free on kindle until Wednesday. Happy reading!

It’s Published

Hi All!

My book INTO ARMEGEDDON is now published on Amazon, both on Kindle and in paperback. Link to follow. A good day indeed. Sadly, it was self published. It feels a little like a defeat, however I know logically that this isn’t the case. After sending around 40 query’s out to various agents and getting very little in return, I reached out to a very successful, self-published author. His first comment boiled down to ‘make sure your writing doesn’t suck.’ Though it was more eloquently put, the point was well taken. I gave up on continued queries and started editing it like crazy. Links to follow and happy reading!


“It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win”

Douglas MacArthur said that.  As I’m finding, getting published is a war of sorts.  Not the type of war that one sees in the middle east, but a war of words.  There are thousands of outlets to publish.  Those that are selective seem cutthroat; those that are not selective seem fruitless.   I’m trying to boil down which avenues are most fruitful.  I’ve run into setbacks, received rejection letters and ultimately self published two short stories on Amazon that seem to be getting read.  I have other irons in the fire pending publication.  I’m finding that before any money actually changes hands, one has to generate a buzz about ones self.  With that in mind, both stories were published under pen-names (Which will have an associated wordpress account), one of which I’ll post if and when the name becomes popular enough to cultivate a following.  The other is in the romantic genre and quite frankly, I wouldn’t let my parents read it.  As for the technical writing avenue, I have a plan.  I’ll leave it at that.  I wonder whether posting my thoughts in the form of a blog is a sound practice for a professional website.  Probably not, but hopefully I can go through my thoughts one day, laugh a little and then delete this post.

On the topic of will, my resolve remains.  I will win.  I’m nothing if not resilient and starting something new is the hardest thing one can ever do. My definition of winning: make a career out of this writing thing.  Now back to my book.  Thanks for reading.


The Journey Begins

Well here we are.  Self employed and trying to make a living writing.  I’ve been writing for my entire adult life, in some capacity other than ‘writer’.  I’ve enjoyed it.  I’m proud of it.  I think early in life I felt like writing was something un-masculine and therefore a useful skill, but publicly unworthy of my attention.  It was something I kept stored securely on a floppy disk, or a CD-R, or a thumb drive; away from the prying eyes of those that would ridicule my innermost thoughts.  To this day, I go over anything I write with a fine tooth comb to ensure it’s error free and un-criticize-able (it’s a word, look it up).  I guess I’ll just have to get over that if I plan to do this as a profession.  As I grew through my academic and professional career, I found that sitting down at a computer and knocking out an operations order, trip report, work instruction, standard operating procedure or whatever, gave me a tremendous amount of joy.  So for now, I’m probably not going to make a whole lot of money (although it’s on my to do list), but i’m doing what I love.

So  what the heck is the purpose of this blog?  Better yet, what’s the purpose of this website?  Here’s the deal, If I publish something on this blog, it’s published.  I can’t sell it anywhere.  So what then?  A business update to my stockholders (not that an LLC has stock)?  Random ramblings about the struggle of writing freelance?  Unpublished works that didn’t sell, but need to be on display for the world to see?  All seems a bit narcissistic.  The answer to those questions is likely both yes and no.  I have just submitted my first article for publication (Though technically, I’ve published thousands of documents, just not under the name of Jeff DeMarco, Writer or to a public forum).  If and when it’s published, I’ll share it onto my website in order to maintain a collection of work.  As for struggling, I’m finding that getting into the markets that I’d like to write for is difficult.  After a few days on various freelancer sites, I’m finding that my proposals are seldom responded to and usually the projects are based out of India or the middle east for a very small amount of money.  As for the technical writing avenue, I’m waiting on a couple existing accounts and will likely need to solicit companies directly in order to generate business.  Of course I have my book that’s a little more than halfway done.  I’ll let you know if and when that gets published.  I may throw an  excerpt up on this site here and there.  As for unpublished work, well I don’t have any yet, so there’s that.

For now, I have my wonderful wife Nicole who’s incredibly supportive of these crazy goals I have.  I’ve got my currencies trading, which generates some income daily, So I think I should be just fine.  Here’s to you readers, at this point probably just family.  I look forward to entertaining and informing you.