Book Reviews

Vykup – Andi Marchal

I thoroughly enjoyed Vykup, though it was not what I initially expected. Steeped in Russian mythology and culture, I had initially imagined more of a high fantasy (over the top magical worlds, swords and sorcery, like Lord of the Rings), yet this was much more contemporary (present day, the specially gifted Koldun bestowed with practical magic.)

I really enjoyed what the author did with the points of view. It gave a well rounded perspective. For instance, Kaat is a foreigner to the town of Vykup, and the sights and sounds are new to her, whereas Kolya takes that for granted. In any case, it aided in presenting unique voices to each main character. And naturally, I really enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters. Great love story.

In short, great story, go pick up a copy! You’ll enjoy it.

Thundertree – S Cox

Beautifully written descriptions and settings, believable, engaging characters. Westerns aren’t typically my genre to read (though I love a good spaghetti western on TV), but that’s really not a big deal. The themes presented are universal, despite the conventions of the western genre, this is a story anyone can identify with. Highly recommended!

The Morning Star – CW Hawes

Often times the concern with prepper fiction is that the main character becomes nothing more than a mouthpiece for discussing survival tactics. This is surely not the case with CW’s The Morning Star. The plot and character development are expertly woven into a journal entry type narrative, incorporating survival techniques and a strong morality to this work. This is a unique contribution to the post apocalyptic genre, which I recommend not only as a great summer read, but also a great anytime read. Well done!

Tales from the Forest – Johanna Aldridge


An enchanting tale of wonder within the forest realm. I read these short stories to my three kids, all of whom loved them. The author expertly conveys a love for the natural world. Highly recommended!

A Childrens Anthology – Judy and Keith

A perfect bedtime reader. I read this with my six year old step son and he absolutely loved it, as did I.

Zombie Complex – Alexander Pain

If you’re expecting superhuman end of the world heroes, don’t. I loved this book, aside from it being a unique look at a zombie apocalypse, the character development, the fact that the mc is a chunky monkey with credit card debt made these people jump off the page. Highly recommended!

Ghost in the Darkness – Christina van Deventer

An outstanding, quick read! Incredibly well written characters, gripping narrative about good and evil. This is perhaps (dare I say) the best short story I’ve read.

The Innocents – CA Asbrey

I stepped out of my usual thriller, suspense, post apocalypse reading genre and I’m happy that I did. The author has so well thought out and researched the period, inserted precisely the right twists and character development, that it’s clear this novel was testament of love. I’m a big fan of well thought out, strong, realistic female MC’s and the author wrote hers perfectly!

Texas Jewel Book 1 Broken Jewel – Melissa Alexia

Had a good chuckle at some of the analogies – Very cleverly written. A delightful evening read.

The Brat and the Bodyguard – Tia Fanning

A sexy, fun read! I liked The characters voice and inner monologue. The premise, backstory, overall content and twists would make a good romance/ thriller if it were longer and less… graphic. On that account (the sex scenes) – “mission accomplished” and it had unexpected twists and turns to keep me engaged in the story.