Book Reviews

The Morning Star – CW Hawes

Often times the concern with prepper fiction is that the main character becomes nothing more than a mouthpiece for discussing survival tactics. This is surely not the case with CW’s The Morning Star. The plot and character development are expertly woven into a journal entry type narrative, incorporating survival techniques and a strong morality to this work. This is a unique contribution to the post apocalyptic genre, which I recommend not only as a great summer read, but also a great anytime read. Well done!

Tales from the Forest – Johanna Aldridge


An enchanting tale of wonder within the forest realm. I read these short stories to my three kids, all of whom loved them. The author expertly conveys a love for the natural world. Highly recommended!

A Childrens Anthology – Judy and Keith

A perfect bedtime reader. I read this with my six year old step son and he absolutely loved it, as did I.

Zombie Complex – Alexander Pain

If you’re expecting superhuman end of the world heroes, don’t. I loved this book, aside from it being a unique look at a zombie apocalypse, the character development, the fact that the mc is a chunky monkey with credit card debt made these people jump off the page. Highly recommended!

Ghost in the Darkness – Christina van Deventer

An outstanding, quick read! Incredibly well written characters, gripping narrative about good and evil. This is perhaps (dare I say) the best short story I’ve read.

The Innocents – CA Asbrey

I stepped out of my usual thriller, suspense, post apocalypse reading genre and I’m happy that I did. The author has so well thought out and researched the period, inserted precisely the right twists and character development, that it’s clear this novel was testament of love. I’m a big fan of well thought out, strong, realistic female MC’s and the author wrote hers perfectly!

Texas Jewel Book 1 Broken Jewel – Melissa Alexia

Had a good chuckle at some of the analogies – Very cleverly written. A delightful evening read.

The Brat and the Bodyguard – Tia Fanning

A sexy, fun read! I liked The characters voice and inner monologue. The premise, backstory, overall content and twists would make a good romance/ thriller if it were longer and less… graphic. On that account (the sex scenes) – “mission accomplished” and it had unexpected twists and turns to keep me engaged in the story.