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I’m Jeff DeMarco, a professionally trained editor with a decade of experience in various facets of the craft. I am the owner of DeMarco Writing and Editing, LLC, WolfPackAuthors nonprofit, and an author. My personal publications include several titles in fiction, as well as professional, military and industrial nonfiction and technical writing. I feel fortunate to be in a position now where I can help other authors achieve their writing goals, and rest assured, my job isn’t done until you’re happy with your manuscript.

In addition to a professional non-fiction background in military and business writing, ghostwriting and editing, I hold a bachelors of arts degree from Wayne State University, certification from the University of Michigan, and am working towards a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing.

I look forward to working with you and making your manuscript shine!




Proofreading: Spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, and character spacing. Easily missed mistakes to the writer, that turn into speed bumps for a reader, causing them to put a book aside.

Copy-editing: In addition to proof reading, this covers discrepancies in the plot, settings, sentence construction, style, accuracy, character descriptions and overall consistency. E.g. on page 12 the character has brown hair, then on page 58 it’s auburn.

Line-editing: Includes all copy-editing services, and in addition improves the manuscript’s flow and pacing. We remove extraneous or overused words and run-on sentences. Also, we improve transition in scene structure, tonal shifts and unnatural sounding phrasing. We take prose and description that is bland, confusing or doesn’t read well, and clarify the intended meaning.

Developmental-editing: Includes all line-editing services, and delves deeper into the overall structure of the manuscript. We look at how your narrative builds to each plot-point and pinch point, and ultimately the climax. We look at tone, point of view, organization and design. If necessary, I recommend total overhauls of scenes and plot points, and frequently ghostwrite entire scenes myself. Often, this service is necessary if the manuscript needs major structural changes.

Ghostwriting: Aside from the subjects listed below, I will write whatever your heart desires. I specialize in Science Fiction, Thrillers, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic and Romance on the fiction side, and History, Sports and Outdoors, Survival, Business, Operations, Safety, Continuous Improvement/ Six-Sigma, Finance and Management on the non-fiction side.



My rates are well below the industry standard, as outlined by reputable organizations like the Editorial Freelancers Association. See industry standard pricing here: https://www.the-efa.org/rates/

I am always happy to make an authors work the best it can possibly be. That said, I reserve the right to refuse service based on my time and content. I.e. I do not work on projects that positively promote racism, rape or pedophelia. Additionally, I will request two chapters of your manuscript – chapter 1 and a subsequent chapter.

Calculation formula: (manuscript word count) x (price per word) = Total (All prices in USD)


Line Editing – (80,000 word manuscript) x ($0.0125 cost per word) = ($1,000 total cost USD)

Proofreading – $0.008 cents per word

Copy-editing – $0.01 cents per word

Line-editing – $0.0125 cents per word

Developmental-editing – $0.0175 cents per word

Ghostwriting – $0.10 – $0.25 cents per word, depending on research required.

Please click contact and send your word count and desired services to request a quote.



I have worked professionally with Jeff for a while now, and I have found him to be nothing but exemplary in his work, both as a writer and an editor. Having recently collaborated with him on a project, I found his insight invaluable and his editing skills on point, without using a heavy hand, letting my voice stay true throughout. His prompt response to my questions and quick turnaround made working with him a pleasure. I would highly recommend him for any project, from manuscript reviews to professional document creation, and beyond.

Lisa Orban

Founder, Indies United Publishing House, LLC


It is imperative for ALL authors to present a professional, polished manuscript whether they choose to go the self-publishing route or submit their work to a traditional publisher. Jeff DeMarco will get your manuscript clean, coherent, crisp, concise, and error free – just as it should be. I highly recommend!

Tia Fanning



Writing is easy, it’s what comes after that’s hard. I ‘Struck writer’s gold’ when Jeff DeMarco came on board to bring my manuscript to life. No matter how good of a job you think you’ve done, Jeff will make it better. He is a true professional who goes above and beyond his commission to ensure your success. He is a testament to excellent character and true perfection. I highly recommend Jeff DeMarco and DeMarco Writing and Editing LLC to handle all your writing/ editing needs. Jeff exceeds expectations on any service a writer may expect from an editor. He stays with you, guides you, and provides valuable resources and direction beyond his commission.

Abdur R Mohammed