Author Interview Series: Stanley P. Brown



J: With me today is paranormal Author and Professor of Exercise Physiology, Stanley P. Brown. Thus far, he’s published 3 novels, Fallen Wizard, Veiled Memory and The Legacy (links below) with one on the way for release November 16, 2019. He hails from Starkville, MS, and ever the gentleman, I’m told his better half is the brilliant Dr. Yvonne Zerangue.

J: Welcome, Stanley! Tell us a little more about you as a person, hobbies, family, plans to win a Pulitzer prize or take over the world?

S: I am a college professor and head of the department of kinesiology at Mississippi State university. This professor gig of mine has been going on for 30 years. It is quite boring, but I do love the students and interacting with brilliant people (my faculty). My fiction writing is my hobby which I plan to do into retirement (whenever that happens). Hopefully God gives me the years to write many more novel as I have 4 distinct mythologies I am working on. My other hobby is to simply stay healthy, which I do by exercising daily. I enjoy being with my wife, Yvonne, traveling with her, and I enjoy seeing our three grown daughters and my one (so far) son-in-law.

J: And on the literary side, what do you most enjoy about being an author?

S: I really enjoy the creative process. It’s just me and the blank page. Being a fictionalist is totally different than publishing as a scientist. When publishing research or even textbooks (which I’ve done) it’s you, the blank page, AND the scientific literature you’re using, trying to understand and shed new light on. It’s a very arduous process, much harder than fiction. HOWEVER, fiction is much harder in other ways. It was very hard to break into publishing novels and I still haven’t achieved the big five.

J: You and me both! Regardless, you’ve seen success in traditional publishing. What’s your secret?

S: Let me just say that to write fiction well you have to learn the craft well and to do that you have to write a ton and read a ton. Then the editing begins and never ends. Being an Indie author, marketing is an unforeseen necessity I wish I didn’t have to do, but c’est la vie.

J: Great advice! Read a ton… and as I always say, writers are generally the most voracious demographic of readers. With that, what do you like to read?

S: Tough question. I read very widely in fiction. I think that’s important if your goal in genre writing is to mix it up. For fantasy, since I’m promoting Fallen Wizard in this interview, I’d have to say Philip Pullman. His book, The Golden Compass, is a beautiful work and deep as all get out.

J: So, tell me what’s your favorite genre to write? And how’d you decide on that particular genre?

S: Favorite and only (so far) is paranormal. I wanted to write mixed genre so I tend to blend. This is true of my two adult novels. However, the children’s novel, Fallen Wizard, is all fantasy. Also, I like to stick to stuff in the real world. So, I’ll use place names that work. In Fallen Wizard, however, the characters start in this world then end up in a literal fantasy land.

J: That sounds exciting! More on Fallen Wizard  in just a moment. When did you start writing?

S: I can nail that down for fiction. It was March 2005 when I decided to attempt to write a novel. Of course, my job as a professor involves writing and publishing, so I’d been doing that already for at least a couple of decades, and even as a student.

J: Wow, that’s fairly precise. I’d imagine it was an important day. On to the important stuff, tell us about your most recent novel, Fallen Wizard

S: Peter Michaels is an average American, twelve-year-old boy. He loves his friends, his mom and dad, even his sisters. What he most wants in life is to make the all-star team in the summer league. That’s his goal. One summer afternoon on his way home from a Saturday practice session the most unusual thing that has ever happened to him (and there have been lots of unusual things in his young life) is that an old man apparently falls out of the sky and onto his front lawn. And he’s alive, but hurt. But that can’t happen, right? He lands next to the big azalea in Peter’s front yard and suddenly the bush animates and starts beating the unfortunate old man. Peter helps him, reluctantly, into his house and onto his bed. Then the problems really begin because comforting a dying wizard marks you. The old man dies right there and disappears. With the aid of his best friends, Raven Dakota and Stumpy Simpkins, they try to make sense of the event only to fall head long into an adventure that tests their friendship and their wits. It takes place initially in my childhood hometown of Plaquemine, Louisiana, but quickly moves to Ireland then to the mythical City of Air – Sha-oo-el. The book is meant to be a series and my inspiration was the great children’s literature of Pullman, Rowling, and others. The series is open ended. I’ve only just started the next book to be called, The Moons of Sha-oo-el.

J: Outstanding! I’ve read an excerpt of this and can tell you that’s it’s certainly worth the price of admission. I’m sure a number of fans would like to connect, how do we follow you?

S: You can find me online at, at my author page on Facebook (, on Twitter @StanleyPBrown, and at my Amazon author page ( My publisher is Black Opal Books, found here ( My next book will be published November 16, 2019. It is titled, The Ruby Ring, and is the second of The Stonehenge Chronicles trilogy (the first is Veiled Memory). My current work in progress is a short story called, Blood Moon, being written for the next #WolfPackAuthors anthology. Blood Moon is set in the immediate aftermath of The Legacy, which is my debut novel. My other work in progress is a children’s animal adventure story called, The Captain of Tally Ho, which I hope to finish by the end of the year.


Tread: Fallen Nation

In the years of the second Civil War, and before the great tribulation, hope failed in the darkest of times.

Staff Sergeant Evan Decker is an EOD tech returning from war. The country he’s returned to bears no resemblance to the one he remembers. A virus has ravaged the population, as millions have died, the communication infrastructure is disabled, leaving the nation cut off, Washington D.C. is gone, wiped off the map. But who is responsible?
In the chaos, civilians and inner city gangs have risen up; at war with police and military forces, martial law has been declared. Ordered to do the unthinkable, Evan is at odds with his leaders; follow orders and become a murderer or attempt escape, risking both death and dishonor.

Follow Evan as he uncovers the conspiracy to enslave the United States, and risks all for the woman he’s growing to love.

Once Upon a WolfPack

The idea was simple: form a group of authors based on the mantra, “Do good things for the right reasons.” We are a pack – #WolfPackAuthors. Together, we expand exposure for our books, help one another with all aspects of the process, pick each other up when the lonely life of writing gets us down.

As with wolves, words can be dangerous or healing. The reintroduction of the wolf, hunted to the brink of extinction, carries such far-reaching results as to make vegetation grow on what was once barren, and to change the paths of rivers. Considering these powerful facts, we chose to donate the proceeds of this anthology to Lockwood Animal Rescue Center /LARC, a facility with a unique mission. They are one of the few organizations focused heavily on wolves, integrating military veteran rehabilitation into the caretaking process.

In this collection of work, you will find a showcase of many of our members’ talents: A young girl betrothed to a werewolf, yet her father, a human, is the true monster. Two snipers who lay in wait, an otherworldly supreme being watching them, in the form of a majestic wolf. A she-wolf sets her sights on a young woman, married to the man she loved. The paradoxical story of the big bad wolf, who through no fault of his own sets out on a calamity filled adventure. A batch of witty private investigators at work solving crime. A sarcastic banshee, a shapeshifting detective, and a vampire, all friends, investigate a string of murders. There are many others, varied in style or genre.

Come on an adventure with the WolfPackAuthors. We’ve got the stories you want; together, we hope to make the world a better place for wolves, humans, and those who dare to dream.

Cozy Mystery – Yuletime at Cherrywood Hall: Veronica Cline Barton
Fairy Tale/ Parody – Unfairy Prosecuted: J.W. Crawford
Fairy Tale – Poppy: Tia Fanning
Fantasy/ Supernatural – For the Love of the Pack: Sharon Lopez
Horror/ Meta horror – The Untold One: B.L. Clark
Horror – Frost Harbor: Alexander Pain
Literary – Omega Road: Lee M. Tipton
Magical Realism – An Early Snow: Andi Marchal
P.I./ Detective – The Wolf: Joe Congel
P.I./ Detective, Cozy Mystery – Mrs Solberg’s Problem: CW Hawes
Poetry – Wolf Pack United: Angie-Marie Delsante
Poetry – Welcome to the Den: Lori Katherine
Romance/ Supernatural – The Soap Maker’s Mother: Christina van Deventer
Science Fiction/ Military – Sacha: Jeff DeMarco
Science Fiction/ Paranormal – Wolf Cry: Z Gottlieb
Science Fiction/ Paranormal – Circus of the Night: Stefan Angelina McElvain
Urban Fantasy – True Nature : Luna Selas

Born of Chaos

What would you die for? Erica’s saga continues in the second installment of the Ruler of Ashes Series – a post-apocalyptic military science fiction thriller. Crimson Sky has ravaged the Earth, and transformed humans into Apex Predators known as ‘hunters.’

The Order, once sure of their superiority, have been driven beneath the Earth; betrayed by their creations – The Children of the Order, a genetically manipulated race gifted with superhuman capabilities. An ancient evil has emerged – technologically advanced, otherworldly and deadly. Alliances will shift, as The Children align with what they believe is ideologically right.

The Wonderful World of Marketing

First off, Thanks Emit Blackwell and Apocalypse Guys. I did back to back interviews about my novel Into Armageddon this week. Check them out here:

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And as always, check out my apocalyptic science fiction novel ‘Into Armageddon’ read here:

What a crazy week. I’ve had to back off the #WolfPackAuthors initiatives (website building and recruitment), and I’ve said “Give me two weeks,” to a few folks interested in joining. We’ve joined forces with Indies United Publishing House and FauphTalk Fiction (See promoted sites page). Working on a few things that will streamline the promotion process. i.e. building a standard set of tweets, integrate automation. I’ve seen my followers grow to over 4,000 in two months. Oh… and I have another interview at my local library next week.

I feel as though I’m spread a little thin with work, but all good problems to have, so i’m not complaining. I have decided… blogging really isn’t my thing. I don’t like non-fiction – real life (the political spectrum and global issues in particular) is so dreary, whereas the little world in my head is a whole lot more exciting. This “Blog” going forward will be for promotional purposes and writing updates (at least i’ve got that figured out.) Guess i’ll just keep on, keepin’ on – writing, editing, marketing (but mostly writing, that’s the fun part.)


The product of unchecked genetic manipulation, Erica may hold the key to humanity’s survival. Born in an underground genetics facility, along with ten other children of The Order, a pseudo-Christian terrorist group, she’s been hunted. On the run for over fifteen years, her only wish is to live free and in peace.

Now, the world has changed. Human apex predators – Hunters, roam freely; humanity has bound together in pockets of resistance. The children of The Order have turned on their masters in a race for supremacy; spread out across the country, systematically taking over key military installations. They are unchallenged but for one… Erica. Will she run, as she always has or risk losing all she holds dear – her freedom, her family, her very existence?


The Death of a Hero

Likely you didn’t know him, but you should have. He wasn’t a famous celebrity or politician, rather he was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, cousin, friend and… golfer. In his professional life, he worked each day to provide for his family. In his retirement, he lived a quiet life, surrounded by family; he golfed and traveled often.

To me, he was ‘Grandpa Fred,’ the soft spoken, but ever present patriarch of my family. To me, he was a guiding hand in the most difficult of times. A man that supported my ambitions, when I was unsure of them myself.

I expect those that did know him would love nothing more than an afternoon, sitting and talking with him.

His life is an ideal to strive for. Mourn his passing, of course, but more than that, celebrate the life of a truly GOOD man, for there are so few today.