What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? For me, it was everything. Reading and writing allows us to live near infinitely; thousands of lives, thousands of worlds, thousands of stories. I’m fortunate to have created my own worlds, and helped other authors create theirs. I’m privileged and honored to be given that gift.

I’m Jeff DeMarco, a writer and editor with over a decade of experience in various facets of the craft.  As a Former US Army Field Artillery Officer and Veteran, I’ve written thousands of operation orders, standard operating procedures, white papers, briefings, speeches and presentations on historic battles.  As a manager and supervisor in industry (food manufacturing and Green Energy), I’ve written technical manuals, operating procedures, safety and quality compliance documentation and numerous proposals for continuous improvement projects.  Now as a business owner, I write and edit books. When looking back at my career, particularly my resume, the one thing that stands out, the one thing that I’m most proud of, is that my words have been used to move people.

The purpose of this site is to give clients a glimpse into who they’ll have the pleasure of working with, as well as a platform in which to share nuggets of wisdom with readers, and upcoming publications.  My interest vary widely, from military and industrial operation, to history, politics, fishing, cycling, travel, backpacking, cooking and the list goes on.  It is my wish to find a common thread among readers so that they may be impacted in a way that either suits them, or whomever wishes to commission my services.

I’m a writer and editor, and that would not be possible without the loving support of my daughter Stella.

Happy Reading!