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Indies United Publishing House, LLC

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Indies United Publishing House, LLC is a co-op of like-minded authors, working together under one Roof to showcase our books and our diversity as writers that embraces over a dozen different genres. We openly encourage and support both new and established authors in their pursuit in finding their audience. We are working with many different groups, author support sites, and others affiliated with the publishing world to build a coalition to give each author a chance to shine brightly in the crowded, crazy and, most of the time, chaotic publishing environment.

As an individual going toe-to-toe against traditional publishing houses is an almost impossible task, but Indies United wants to change that and level the playing field by working together we can become a force to be reckoned with. All our authors retain full control over their books, covers, content and keep 100% of all royalties for their books through sales channels they control. We charge a small processing fee for ISBN’s to keep the lights on and the marketing rolling for our authors, but there are no other associated costs to join our merry band of Indies. Come see what we have to offer. 

FauphTalk Fiction

Fauph Talk Fiction

Here at FauphTalk Fiction, we have one simple goal: We want to help promote new writers, and help readers discover new voices in the world of writing.